Rated PG-13. After I uploaded this L113 I realized I didn’t show PROPER RESPECT at Pearl Harbor and had to add 18 minutes to fix it @ 6 to 24 minutes. It also has fighting off the doldrums to enjoy a nice day & or Christmas and a new revelation about the song American Pie.

I praised the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders in class L96 @ vimeo.com/44022574 and politely disagreed with them in #17 vimeo.com/47612248 @ 5 min and in L109 vimeo.com/49352072 @ 5 min but the best advice is at 54 min and 1:20. Then I had to let them and the Bush twins have it IN THIS L113 and in L127 vimeo.com/105315202 @ 1 to 3 min. It's like "How could such beautiful and talented girls be so ugly?" Try to not let YOUR HORNS show so much because it's a big turnoff to real Christians. New York City had the same problem in the last paragraph of class L94 vimeo.com/39845641.
This is an example of YOUR HORNS ARE SHOWING from
class L124 vimeo.com/63452028.
In class 169 (@ 1 min vimeo.com/30629125) I say I go to Punchbowl cemetery to pay respect to USA heroes except after the last murder attempt on 3-20-14, (read it at flickr.com/photos/mikeoversonendtimesorg_or_com/14427715953/), going to Punchbowl is no longer an option but a must because my safety is like
this song by Genesis:

'Gators getting close, hasn't got me yet

I CAN'T DANCE, I can't talk.
Only thing about me is the way I walk.

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are (Gators) in this L113 at 26 min and it applies as much to Brits, (next & or READ L5a vimeo.com/35287281), as it does to the Bush twins and Raquel Welch. Please excuse the figure of speech, "the hell with you", because I wrote that hell has frozen over at 194 vimeo.com/90080993 and at youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDkjTNqYqh2F7B0rf2SoXSMtmpZBuAZ4.

What gave me the venom to expose the British Invasion was a YOU'RE SO VAIN picture of Rod Stewart with the song HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY how stupid that was? Yes on 7-15-14 next. In class 195 (below) the stars are exposed as The Munsters, (or Geek Stink Breath nerds and Hollywood Squares). Carpenters use a “square” that is in the shape of an “L” but it’s also a sign of Elton John, (L-ton J). In the music video to THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR I thought he was the only normal guy not using “the one finger” but that was before I found out I was the one. After I defended gays, (especially with AIDS), in CLASS 123 vimeo.com/91654154 and found out how much that song was from heaven on my behalf then the Americans using “the one finger” looked normal and he looked like a dammed gay atheist ingrate to God.

My Mac screen broke, I can still use half of it but a big “L” takes up the other half and ^ now I know why.^

From rollingstone.com
Early in 1964 Life magazine put it like this: "In 1776 England lost her American colonies. Last week the Beatles took them back." (This note corrects this *misinformation of the media.) This was the British Invasion and the Beatles were its undisputed leaders. Marching in formation behind the Beatles, were the Rolling Stones, Petula Clark, etc, (all 3 are at my playlist 4 youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDkjTNqYqh3B5HXd3OxOqQqcDX3Kbktr).

To MTV and New York City the punch in the movie Wall Street at 26 minutes in this L113 was literal on 9-11-01 but only figurative to the Brits and the Bush twins. Me, the Brits and MTV are explained better from 10 min to the Bruce Lee fight at 26 min in class 195 vimeo.com/55552346. At 28 minutes is Capt. Cook who helped pave the way for my safety in Hawaii and even the Beatles did for a while as the friendly vultures in the movie Jungle Book.

From looking up music lyrics I was amazed at how many rock'n roll stars are Brits. It took a long time to find out that it was a Big Dipper offer from heaven to the Brits on behalf of the USA and me. A “see parallel” (c//) is what God did for the porn business. God was so clever to let me suffer the bad treatment in porn from 2004 to 2014 until I found out that awesome breakthrough of much better porn (in 2003) was from heaven on the one’s (my) behalf, because I was so humble about it in class L127F vimeo.com/110693022 @ 1 to 9 minutes. Which compounds the sin of porn to flip me off and mock me as YOU'RE SO VAIN trying to steal the credits for that improvement in porn.

I explain ^*misinformation of the media^ @ 4 min in L127c vimeo.com/107209155. It shows my proof of the media lying about divine signs on 9-11-01 & 12-7-41. Because the media is as evil as THE FBI I've been boycotting them since January 2007.

THE bottom line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER at L124 vimeo.com/63452028.

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