Richard Wall has been painting for over 50 years. Born in 1936 and raised a Catholic in Northern Ireland, he left at the age of 21 for London and beyond, exploring the world as a fireman at sea, on his return he went to art college in Manchester.

Then, in 1972, after a motorbike accident which left him crippled, he moved to New Zealand where his main body of work began. His work there reflects his turbulent family life, his ongoing reaction against imperialism and the power imbalance between the 'natives', be they Irish or Maori, and the elite.

In the early 90s, inspired by a Mongul Mob member, he decided he needed to go back to Ireland and ‘do what needed to be done’ - to begin a personal campaign questioning and ‘pointing the bone’ at current political and religious issues in Ireland, the most critical and personal being the Catholic Church's negative influence on his life and Irish society as a whole . He calls this period ‘The Mission’.

He now lives alone and continues to paint in the Mayo mountains in Ireland. His cottage contains his entire life’s work. The film above is an overview of his life and work.

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