A quick demonstration of achieving a cinematic look with an HDSLR and the Cine VisionPlus picture style. Clips vary in location; from San Francisco in California to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Magic Lantern 2.3 was utilized for all clips straight out of the camera, with highlight priority enabled to allow one more stop of dynamic range along with a negative iso equivalent of ISO 100 (ISO 200 is default under most circumstances), allowing for increased noise reduction in the raw H.264 footage. The clips were edited in their raw color space in Premiere Pro CS5.5, and brought into After Effects CS5 for de-noising with the Neat Video plugin (reduce noise). A bit of Kodak 250T grain was added afterwards. The clips were all shot under the default picture style settings for Cine VisionPlus, and in post were only slightly color graded. Please feel free to leave feedback or ask any questions!


Introducing the Stunning Picture Style: Cine VisionPlus
Cine VisionPlus produces beautiful and stunning cinematic images straight out of the HDSLR's with minimal post processing. Initially developed for professional projects, Cine VisionPlus has been crafted progressively during field use over the course of an entire year. It has since been tweaked to perfection, and is ready to be shared with the entire filmmaking community. This promo demonstrates the picture style's ability to maintain a gorgeous image with a uniquely filmic latitude.

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Courtesy of Proeza Multimedia Studio:



 Highlight compression and cinematic gamma increases visible dynamic range. Shadow information preserved and highlights information expanded.

 Cinematic gamma, gorgeous & vivid colors across entire range. Filmic bluish hues in shadows, and saturation increased in primary colors.

 Versatile in all lighting conditions, and camera contrast may be pushed to taste without degrading image range.

 Compatible with virtually all Canon EOS HDSLR's, including but not limited to the Canon models Mark III, Mark II, 60D, T4I, T3I, T2I, & 7D.

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