DoctorBioDiesel interviews Dr. Richard Parnas, Ph.D., University of Connecticut, BioDiesel Research Lab.
Dr. Parnas explains "The Parnas Precision Principle" BioDiesel TransEsterification Reactor.
Dr. Parnas invention is no larger than 4ft X 4ft X 4ft foot-print, but, converts Waste Vegetable Oil
at the rate of 1 liter per minute (500 gallons per day) at 99% conversion to BioDiesel.
Dr. Parnas shows each component and process using his first University Patented 'bench' reactor.
Showing clearly at the center of the 4ft X 6 inch glass tube is the 'phase seperation' of the Glycerine
from the Waste Vegetable Oil to produce BioDiesel.
Dr. Parnas 'Precision Principle' BioDIesel Reactor is at the heart of QUENCH! franchises to create
75,000 sustainable, Localized, Green Jobs, Nationwide.
QUENCH! specifically targets Entrepreneurs and Vetrepreneurs to start a 200 restaurant 'region'
to collect Waste Vegetable Oil and recycle it into BioDiesel.
QUENCH! is the sole supplier of the DoctorBioDiesel brand to 125 gasoline convenient stores
and 25,000 AutoParts stores.
DoctorBioDiesel is sold in 2 liter bottles to create a B2-Super-Lubricity-Diesel-Fuel-Blend of
2% BioDIesel for proper Diesel Fuel Lubricity and Long-term Diesel Engine Maintainance.
DoctorBiodiesel is sold in 5 gallon jugs as 'The DoctorBioDiesel Emergency Fuel Kit'
that can safely be packed in your diesel car or truck for Emergency Fuel Needs.

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