Every day, millions of people around the world put their heads and their talents together to achieve a common mission...whether to innovate...to rebuild...to captivate...to triumph...or to rise up. But mobilizing the masses isn't easy, especially when your voice can't be heard. What people need is a unifying platform, a real-time collaborative tool for exchanging ideas and coordinating large-scale events—events that can transform businesses, revitalize communities, and bring millions to their feet.

Introducing SmartCrowdz, a cloud-based management platform for people who want to come together. It's free, and it equips organizations with an easy, streamlined approach to planning and managing mass-participation events.

So let's say you're hosting a symposium in Milan. Or a flash mob in Philly. Or a concert in Cape Town. Or a rally in Sydney. Whatever and wherever it is, SmartCrowdz lets you reach out and join forces with all your participants...combining the most practical social networking ingredients to form a fine-tuned community of ideas and objectives. Everyone knows their role and everyone's on the same page, preparing your event to make the biggest possible impact. And once your event's underway, SmartCrowdz provides you with real-time tools for tracking and managing its progress, giving you unprecedented control over what's happening, as it's happening, so that everything is synchronized...and harmonized.

So dream bigger. Visit SmartCrowdz.com to learn more about building better events for a better world.

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