A step toward purity,

using the senses, experiential alignment of our perceptive senses, creating an experiential singularity between ones self and ones context,

training, carrying out an extreme repetition of a banal act, removing the mind from the equation of ones corporeal experience,

seeking to understand beauty and all things at the level of mastery that nature provides and allows for,

purging mundane distraction, subjecting ones self to a state of chaotic external duress, forcing either internal state of tranquility, clarity, or intellectual rejection of the exercise,

casting out impurity, systematically removing all that is impure, imperfect,

meditating on the theoretical possibility of perfection, meditating on how one would experience the physical manifestation of perfection, attempting to physically manifest ones theoretical experience of perfection, attempting to experience perfection,

a reminder of the transcendental potential of humanity, as exemplified by exemplary humans who sought a purer understanding of life, and who sought to express their experience, manifested into physicality, as evidenced through their actions,

is not all of the human experience intertwined with the search to understanding its self,

are not all acts of consciousness an attempt to purge ones self of the self, as to achieve a clear, unimpeded state of consciousness,

is not the self continually trying to shed the self so as to redefine the self, as to understand the self, as to understand the purpose of the self

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