This Demo is made by the same “DIY HD 1080p Uncompressed Transfer System” more fully described in:

This split-screen demo attempts to display two things: LEFT: the quality of the “Raw” image from the Telecine camera and RIGHT: the results of all the processing applied to this raw data.
NOTE: To allow easier split-screen comparison, the actual “Raw” image from the camera has been horizontally reversed and had 2:2:1 pulldown applied.

To also allow critical viewing at the original 1080p resolution on Vimeo's 720 HD, the two images were matched and CROPPED equally from the 1080p masters to "best fill" Vimeo’s 1280x720 HD image size. NO downsampling was used. The only additional processing that has been applied to the pixels in each image is DivX encoding for Vimeo upload and Vimeo’s earlier one pass Flash re-encoding, which also included reducing the 30fps frame rate to 25fps..

It is recommended to view the downloaded .avi file. It will come as close to the master quality as just the DivX encode allows (which was done at 5,000 KBPS, 3 pass, Enhance I-blocks).

To view the file on Vimeo so the original pixels are displayed at original resolution, use: “HD On, Full Screen, Scaling OFF“.

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