Title: Zombie Attack
Artist: John Sanders and Sketch
Produced By: Sketch
Directed By: Tim Riel
Edited By: Anthony Alba
Camera: Aaron Cox, Hugo, Joey Rube, Tim Riel

There are no absolutes in life other than death. Yes, in life we all struggle, but to varying degrees; we all want more, but some actually get it; we all must pay Caesar, but some pay a lot less than others (particularly in this country). Whereas death is the great equalizer: Rich, poor, beautiful or hideous, at some point, we all gotta buy the farm.

When I first heard the song Zombie Attack, I was prepared for good-ol'-horror blood and guts; but what I got instead was a sense of unity and communion. I was struck by the celebration of humanity in a most paradoxical requiem.

Shot over a three-year period of time, the video chronicles a young troubadour visiting autumn festivals searching for kindred souls and righteous revelry. And boy did he find what he was looking for!

So let us all come together, brothers and sisters, and joyfully sing the Zombie Attack chorus, "There's a zombie attack at midnight and we're all gonna die!" Because this is surely true.

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