Performances in this clip by: Kasey Busiel and Grace Etzkorn

writer/director: jennifer reeder
Cinematography: Christopher Barrett
Line Producer: Steven Hudosh
Editor: Mike Olenick
Art Direction: Alejandra Valera
Sound: Paul Dickenson/Paul hill
Score: Casey Cooper

A couple (an amateur magician and a modern dance instructor) discusses their impending and badly-hatched plan to break up, while in a nearby room, their teenager daughter and her bff prepare for the high school dance. The couple’s actions away from each other suggest that they are still deeply in love but hilariously unable to communicate or emote successfully. Their daughter and her friend awkwardly discuss an encounter with the friend’s biological mother earlier in the day. In the end, multiple secret crushes are revealed. This is a story about loving, being loved, a glowing in the dark and slow jams

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