There were a few things to include that I may or may have forgot. Please read the common questions below.

Common Questions from AREFORUM.ORG:

Q: How do I calculate a 30.00 degree angle using this software?
A: There is a readout in the lower left corner that displays the angle of your line as you move your cursor around the screen.

Q: I can't seem to draw a perfect 30.00 degree line. Is that okay?
A: It is possible to draw a 30.00 line, though you may need to use most of the screen to do so. You may have to draw it to the side and move the line into place. If you still can't manage 30.00 degrees, a line angle between 29.95 degrees and 30.00 degrees should be acceptable.

Q: My building profile lines will not snap to the 30.00 degree line. What do I do?
A: The angled setback is a maximum limit. If you can't match that line, stay one click under it.

Q: My building profile lines will not snap to the grade line. What do I do?
A: If you can't stop your profile line on the grade line, draw your profile to one click under the grade line.

Q: The building profile line is a polyline and I should "close" it, right?
A: No, stop your vertical profile lines when they reach the grade line. This program is not AutoCAD, and polylines do not need to "close."

Q: I can't draw sketch circles to exactly a 12' 6" radius (or 25' radius). What do I do?
A: You should be able to draw to 12" increments by moving your cursor directly up/down or right/left (orthogonally). In order to get inch increments, draw out to the even foot dimension by going orthogonally, then drag your cursor 90 degrees to get the inches.

Q: The grade line does not curve in order to accurately reflect the topography on the plan. What do I do?
A: Do not interpolate between the topography lines (there is not enough information given for you to do that accurately). Draw the grade line point to point where the topography lines intersect with the section cut line.

Info courtesy of sbyrktct

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