vernacular name: huasai, tsirintsi (Asheninka)
family: Arecaceae
use: roots (kidneys, lungs, anemia, fertility, diarrhea), fruit (beverages), timber (fencing), palm heart is edible

Huasai palm is relatively abundant at San Mateo (Central Eastern Peru) and its proximity. It is mainly used for healing purposes. 1 kg of young reddish roots is collected, washed, crushed into pieces, and boiled to blood color. 1 kg of sugar and red-hot steel is finally added into mixture. In the end, steel is removed and concoction is let to cool down. Next day it is ready for consumption (dosage - shot per day) but process of maceration can be undertaken as well at this stage. This remedy is traditionally used for healing of kidneys, lungs, anemia, fertility or diarrhea.

The palm is multipurpose plant useful for constructions, as source of daily diet (fruit, palm heart) and even seeds are smashed into cocktails in Brazil. In order to obtain all mentioned source, huasai must be cut down.

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