This is a modern silent short film about a mistaken identity that kills a love affair. I shot this fairly quickly - we only had the actors for 2 days. I shot this on a Panasonic GH2, unhacked, and on the Pentax 25mm c mount lens, 40mm Konica Hexanon and Panasonic 14-42 zoom. Just love this camera even though it tends to clip highlights - I just love it for it's portability and ease of use. It's incredibly light - almost all the shots were handheld.

The music was the hardest part - we really went back and forth over library music but just couldn't make a decision. Everything sounded way too corporate. Eventually I just sat myself down at my keyboard and played what I thought should be the score and it kinda worked. I recorded to Garage Band using Midi input. I've never done this before - might try this with more films!

Writer, Director, DP, Original Music, Editor: Jason Chan
Producer: Christian Lee
Cast: Christian Lee, Stephanie Fend, Debra Teng

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