The ‘making-of’ the video is available at this link:

My Phd research (done at the University of Padua, thanks to the supervision of prof. dr. Laura Secco) tries to develop a methodology for the evaluation of good local governance of natural resources in rural areas, and in particular it focuses mainly on three aspects: i) the definition of the concept of ‘good governance’ of natural resources at local level in rural areas, through the division of this huge term in key-dimensions and more concrete sub-dimensions; ii) the creation of a simple and expeditious set of indicators to be applied at local level to measure the good governance generated by the assessed organization; iii) the use of suitable instruments for the work, and special attention is given to social network analysis for the study of networks among local stakeholders.

In shooting the video, I focused my attention on three keywords: governance – indicators – network (as you can tell by our homemade soundtrack!).
The dance tries to explain these keywords: local stakeholders benefit from the use of natural resources, but if not well managed by a local organization/institution their impact becomes negative; it is necessary to create links among the main stakeholders, both public and private (which are here divided in 7 categories), through good governance on a local scale; the created network allows more harmonic dialogue, but an assessment (or self-assessment) is required through suitable indicators.

My special thanks go to all my friends and colleagues who contributed to the project: the whole work involved 24 people (plus enthusiastic supporters)!! Enrico suggested I take part in the contest; Giulio and Mut created with me the dynamic of dances, and did the shooting; Lorenzo Dalloz Valeria and part of the Yamà band (Lucio, Giulio, Francesca and Roland) wrote the music; Sara and Mut helped me chose the park setting; Chicca designed the tree faces and Eva coordinated the costumes research; Lorenzo Lucia Mauro Linda Giacomo Livio Lucio transformed themselves in perfect anthropomorphic trees; Francesca Chicca Serena Elena Tommi Susi Emma Eva and Marianna danced with me; and Giulio worked hard to help me produce the final video!

The ‘making-of’ the video is available at this link:

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