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Native applications are a remnant of the Jurassic period of computer history. We will look back on the next 10 years as the time we finally grew out of our desktop mindset and started down the path of writing apps for an infinite number of platforms. As the cost of computation and connectivity plummets, manufacturers are going to put 'interactivity' into every device. Some of this will be trivial: my power adaptor knows its charging history. Some of it will be control related: my television will be grand central for my smart home. But at its heart, we'll be swimming in world where every device will have 'an app'. What will it take for us to get here, what technologies will it take to make this happen?

This talk will discuss how the principles of the open web must apply not only to prototocols but to hardware as well. How can we build a 'DNS for hardware' so the menagerie of devices has a chance for working together?

Presented by Scott Jenson at the September 2012 Breaking Development Conference in Dallas, Texas. Scott Jenson was the first member of the User Interface group at Apple in the late 80s, working on System 7, the Apple Human Interface guidelines and the Newton. After that, he was a freelance design consultant for many years, focusing on mobile and consumer electronic devices (Samsung, Roomba, Nokia, Shozu, Starkey) He was then director of product design for Symbian and finally managed the mobile UX group at Google. Now a creative director at frog design, Scott is still focused on mobile, but in ways that extend beyond the handset into ultra cheap smart devices.

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