In stock form the Audi TT RS already offers quite a bit of performance in its class, but now here’s something new to spice things up. We were very excited to be invited by MTM Taiwan to see their version of the TT RS. Mayer Motorsports (AKA MTM Taiwan) did not think the factory specs on the TT RS was exhilarating enough so they gave it an impressive makeover. They’ve upgraded the TT RS with MTM products and elevated the car to another level. After driving the car equipped with 472 HP MTM Turbo kit, how can this car not put a smile on your face when you drive it?
With the MTM turbo kit, the TT RS now produces 472 hp @ 6600 rpm and 63.7 kgm torque @ 4100 rpm. The max turbo boost is at 1.7 bar and hits 0-100kmh in 3.4 seconds! (The recorded data was run at 36 degree Celsius.) The car is also screaming with the MTM titanium exhaust system. The turbo kit includes:
MTM Hybrid Turbo
ECU program for 472 hp
MTM spark plugs
MTM competition air filter
MTM catalysts
MTM Taiwan also added the Haldex ECU (Generation 4) controller. The ECU transfers torque more quickly to the rear wheels and allows the driver to switch between 3 modes: race / sport / street.
With the increase in power, MTM improved the stopping power as well. The MTM 4 Piston Calipers (w/ 376mm cross-drilled rotors) are installed on the TT RS to enhance braking. To lighten car a bit from stock wheels, MTM bimoto-forged wheels are equipped. Even though the wheels are 20 x 9 ET42, it only weighs 11kg per wheel. The car also receives more grip with Michelin PS2 tires (255/30R20).
The TT RS is aggressive enough with its aerodynamics so only little upgrades were needed to complete the look. MTM carbon diffusor and MTM carbon rear spoiler are installed on the vehicle.

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