The unsung heroes of Lower Greenville are the DPD officers who are assigned to this area every weekend. They know it's not a popular place, and they really work to keep from taking any sides in the bars v neighborhoods controversies swirling around them.

Every week, at least two officers patrol the residential areas, ticketing an average of 30 cars each weekend, and towing about 10 vehicles (see recent reports here).

But they have it easy compared to the officers on Greenville Avenue. Let's be honest, there are not enough plastic gloves for these guys to wear to protect themselves against this human garbage. Most times, a drunk bar patron evicted by the bars is covered with pepper spray, and that crap gets on everything and everybody. Dallas Fire/Rescue is on the street at least twice a night, hosing the officers and drunks with saline solution in an attempt to rinse off the hot stuff.

Then there are the friends and family of the drunks. No matter how many times you tell them to stay away from the prisoners, they insist on coming up behind the officers and screaming at them to let their friend go. A few even get arrested for that attitude.

And finally, there are the not-so-compliant prisoners.

They are innocent of course, and they were not doing a damn thing when someone - god knows who - sprayed them with pepper spray and pushed them out of the bar. They want to go to their families, so why are they in handcuffs.

The best conversations are when the prisoners are mad at the cops and their friends. Let's join the conversation, already in progress...

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