I haven't found anything like this test online, but I am very interested in other people's results. In this video you will hear a comparison of three things being tested.

1. AT 835b vs Samson Airline Micro
2. AT 835b and Samson Airline Micro through ART USB DUAL PRE through the balanced output and headphone output
3. Noise Comparisons at the end to see how much we notice hiss.

Al tested at the same volumes on the ART PREAMP and on Camera.

The Veredict.
a. The Samson Airline Micro signal is not as strong.
b. The Audio Technica doesn't introduce as much hiss as the Samson.
c. There is no audible difference between using balanced or headphone output out of the ART DUAL PRE.
d. The ART DUAL PRE for $60 is a worthy improvement to the sound in comparison to recording directly to camera. I would recommend this to any budget DSLR filmakers. There are more expensive, better things, but this has two phantom powered inputs with individual levels and a choice of outputs. For me you can't really beat it. AND it runs on batteries. Nice.

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