There was a lego stop motion contest and my friends and I made this.

The story was inspired by the introduction sequence of the legendary, Batman: The Animated Series.

All of the Lego sets were built from whatever Legos I could find in my house. They were not hard to find.
So, after about a month of building all of this stuff, I got together with my good friend, Jarrett DePasquale, and we shot this baby. If not for his previous experience with stop-motion, this whole project would never have happened (this is why it is great to have amazing friends).
We shot it over two weekends. All in all, it was probably about fifty hours of shooting.
We were pretty satisfied with the final cut of the video, but it wasn't until Steve laid down the score that we really came to love it.

Anyway, hope you like the video. I feel like I know you now.

Directed & Edited by Conner Reddan
Animated by Jarrett DePasquale & Conner Reddan
Original Score composed by Steve Battline

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