Best FPV video ever!
• Original music by Todd & Chad
• This is the XP2 quadcopter used for filming: ‪‪‬‬

• I had an appointment at the VA in San Francisco to get new glasses, and I stayed at my buddy Todd Kushnir's house in Cupertino. He took me to the Rancho San Antonio RC field to do a little FPV flying wit my XP2 Quadcopter. The conditions were perfect and we had a great time. Bummer is that I saw a sign saying that after October 1st only front prop aircraft are aloud. So I flew the crap out of that field. Thanks to David and Jim for letting me film them flying their orange airplanes.

• For the soundtrack of the video I used a jam Todd and I did 12 hours earlier in his studio. A funny improv about rocking out, and whatever else we could make up on the spot.

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