We move through space without leaving much of a mark. Corridors are walked, views across the courtyard are seen, yet remain unremembered from one moment to the next.

Mending Space is a product of action in this particular locale, the vacant area of the Working Artists Ventura courtyard. We are bringing awareness to this dominant yet largely unnoticed negative space.

Tossing yarn records the passage of time and joins together vacancies, a metaphor for mending.

Using materials sourced from a family legacy of knitting, we are literally creating a timeline stretching the fiber across both time and space, binding together the gap between generations.

This linear narrative echoes and unites dominant architectural elements: the geometric layout of the balconies and the angular aspects of the steps in the theater area.

Mending Space is a visual representation of three hours spent moving through space and time, the stretched yarn a linear demarcation of our passage.

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