A short pitch of the BATESIAN Project for the KICKSTARTER Campaign of "Passersby", the first short-film of the series...

Music "Batesian" by Roland Stein

"A New Human Kind" by David Rodriguez and Matthias Kobia

"Batesian Smoke Experiment" by Sabina, Julia, Nadine, Andre, Balint, Philipp and Alex

"Skillex Research Statement" by Mara Jelinko and Sorina Diaconu

"Batesian Dancer" by Mara Jelinko

"IMAGINE A WORLD where you can have any skill you want INSTANTLY - without any training at all.

Extreme skiing, parkour, martial arts, playing the violin, basketball, cooking, or even ballet… doing all this and more… simply by inhaling a “skill shot”.

But where do these skill shots come from? Well it all starts when a person decides to sell their skill, then a retailer installs what is known as a “skill-extractor”, an implant which extracts the skill from the donor using a complex biomechanical process.

The BATESIAN Project is a series of short films made by an international team of filmmakers, with “The Passersby” being our debut, shot in MONTREAL in less than 2 weeks.

Our production-designers have been working tirelessly to bring this fictional technology to life.

We started by interviewing dozens of specialists on how this technology might work.

Based on their suggestions we’ve sketched the first designs and produced several prototypes with a 3D-printer working towards a final design.

Today we need your help and that’s why we’re here: KICKSTARTER is an all or nothing platform; we’ve put up a deadline and a target - and if we don’t hit that target, all of the pledges will be cancelled and we don’t receive a cent.

We are passionate filmmakers who are working on this project together: AND YOU CAN JOIN US!

We have a number of fantastic artists and technicians from all over the world, who along with talented musicians and sound-artists will bring this world to the screen.

We are ambitious, we want to design an entire world from scratch, based on the question of how this technology might impact OUR WORLD today?

And we’ve got MORE PROJECTS LINED UP: 5 short films and even a feature film that is currently in pre-production.

Each film will be set in a different time and place: from the invention of the technology in the 80’s, to the extreme impact it will have some 80 years later.

It is our dream that these films will inspire other filmmakers to tell their own stories of this world, and that together we will realize many future projects.

This project is 100% voluntary and KICKSTARTER is the only way we can bring a film like this to life outside of the major studios.

You can donate from all over the world - we have step by step instructions and if you have a problem donating, just drop us a line and we will help…

Every dollar you donate will go directly into the film, and will help make this movie better, more believable and more enjoyable. We hope to shoot on the RED EPIC Camerasystem that has been used on many films such as PROMETHEUS and THE HOBBIT.

And with your donation you’ll help us make all this a reality."

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