Uwol#24 - "Fields of Gold" by Geir Inge B. Brekke
In this video I am trying to explane interaction and what it means to me, being an amateur wildlife videographer.
And I'm using one old clip of me and Per Johan in this video (12.16 sec). This is within the rules of 10 %.
I am taking you to different places in Norway as I give you my thoughts of how to act, working in the fields.
To me, the wild is my "fields of gold" and the effect Mother Nature have on me is just unspeakable.
You just have to try it out for yourself, at least that's my opinion.
The Autumn is one of four seasons in Norway that have big changes in both weather conditions, colours and growth. From blue clear sky to rain and almost snow, but who is complaining as long as we can travel our fields of gold?
Not me, thats for sure :)

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