“Trinities” is a thrilling new adventure in portrait photography. Until now, portraits tried to capture the body of a person, and eventually his soul.
In this new project, we’re searching for the essentials that transcend a fellow human being. “Trinities” wants to capture the characteristics that bind father and son, mother and daughter. Who are they really? What do they have in common, where do they differ, what is the sum of their characters? It’s intriguing to see how from two different faces emerges a strong and clear new character that transcends the both of them, and that shines a new light on who they really are.
“Trinities” is an exposition that will be hosted in the Sint-Michiel “church of peace” in Leuven from October 6th-21st 2012 during the Month of Spirituality. The Sint-Michiels church is the ideal environment for this project, since it’s mission is to stimulate the dialogue and peace between different cultures, religions, ways of being… by promoting things that bind us all: music, art, philosophy… The exposition will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 till 18:00.


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