Most of the time when you see images of kite and windsurfing the riders cruise in front of a backdrop of blue water, clear skies, bikinis and coconuts, but this is the stereotype and not the reality.
Mystic is there for the rider who doesn’t care about the temperature or the colour of the sky, they are just waiting for the right wind, the right swell, and when you’ve got the right gear the rest doesn’t matter.
They say that clothes make the man, and when it comes to extreme water sports your gear can make you or break you. The right wetsuit can mean the difference between getting the wave of the day, or watching from the beach as someone else gets it because you couldn’t handle the cold anymore. The right accessories can mean the difference between landing the biggest trick of your life, or landing flat on your face because you couldn’t feel your fingers or toes anymore. When you’ve got the right gear you can go further, go higher and stay longer.
Mystic doesn’t believe in negatives, especially when you’re talking about temperature. To Mystic everyday with the right wind is a positive, no matter what the weather.
Palm trees and warm water is great, but what about the rush of an icy wind in your face, snow on the shore and ice in your beard, charging massive grey swells with shivering white peaks and as you jump into the air it feels like the low hanging clouds will swallow you up.
Mystic is dedicated to creating products that improve your quality of life on and off the water, because let’s face it, this is more than a hobby it’s a lifestyle. When you have a love affair with the natural elements you’re in it through rain, hail, snow or sunshine 365 days a year.
When you’ve got the right gear there’s only one season, the right season.
Mystic is there for the rider who stays out longer than anyone else, or the only rider mad enough to go out at all.

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