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The gogoyoko folks had been enjoying the debut E.P. by Stockholm’s Taxi Taxi! for some time and were keen for me to shoot a performance by twin sisters Miriam and Johanna Eriksson Berhan. The duo have the good fortune to be on the stellar Rumraket label which is run by their manager, Efterklang’s Rasmus Stolberg and he was happy to to have the band sing for us.

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The only issue was finding a suitably quiet venue. With the wind whipping around outside and the din of restless beer fueling festival goers inside it was proving rather difficult until I decided to requisition an entire theater for our use. As this was Friday and I was new to the venues I was unaware that there were many smaller venues in the Musikhuset. I noticed that the second largest theater was open with the spotlights on and Persian carpet laid. Ready for showtime I thought, and using considerable enterprising spirit I had a few burly Icelandic mates close and guard the entry doors and had Miriam and Johanna set themselves up on the stage.

Just as we started shooting the stage crew began hauling a grand piano in from backstage. From experience in these situations I realize that you just have to own it and I politely informed them that Taxi Taxi! were checking the acoustics before their afternoon show in the theater. They happily agreed to come back in 10 minutes by which time we had shot our two videos. Here is the first, Ripest Fruit.

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