What stands between you and love? This is the primary question for all us attracted to the proposition of living a more fulfilling and compassionate life. Even though we can continue to discuss what a progressive Christian practice includes for who we are now and study contemplative methods, we still long for a deeper experience. At some point there is just no substitute for diving deeply into a course of practice that helps you explore what is working for you in your quest to love and be loved and what is working against you; your unique resistance to loving fully.

Since the launch of the original web course of the Coming Home series, we have encouraged Leslie to create just such a course of practice that explores the heart of this question. The great news is that we feel we are ready to share it with you. Whether you took the original Coming Home course or not, this new offering from Leslie will help you situate yourself exactly where you are in your own field of love.

Between You and Love is inspired by everything Leslie has learned from leading the Coming Home community in the last year and a half and for the first time, includes her considerable knowledge of inquiring into this question through your unique Enneagram type. We feel the combination of asking this question and looking at it through your Enneagram type offers exactly the opportunity to help you move beyond what is in your head and into a deeper experience of love in your heart.

In this video Leslie explains what led her to create this new Christian practice web course.

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