STARRING Anna F., Marlen Mueller, Francois Lang and Philip Hodges.

DIRECTED by Hannes Rossacher

This is the trailer for the ARTE documentary "On Jack's Road", which aired on September 29th 2012.

In 1951 - 60 years ago - Jack Kerouac wrote „On The Road“. The novel tells the story of Jack Kerouac‘s travels across the America of the late forties, always searching for freedom, for himself, for drugs, sex and the next great adventure.

This book is the key to everything that followed. It is in that sense the big bang of the short American century that began in 1945 and ended on September 11th

Since its publication, the book has sent generations of young people on journeys, always searching for some version of what Kerouac was searching for. Teenagers, young adults, endless streams of people have followed its call to hit the road and discover the world they live in. This feeling, this need, this desire afflicts young people the world over.

For this film we gave four young artists the opportunity to get into a car and drive it along sections of Jack Kerouac‘s route. All the while we wondered: How will these modern young people experience a trip through modern America with „On The Road“ shining in the background?

The end product is a road movie, a collage of original locations, poetry slams, cinema verité, jam sessions, and new adventures on the road. All along we blogged about our journey on Come with us as we travel on Jack’s Road.

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