"Heaven Inc." is a half hour animated comedy series about the afterlife and the characters that populate the vast plains of heaven, hell, and purgatory. Into this realm walks Michael, a recently deceased atheist whose lack of faith is put to the ultimate test. Heaven Inc. draws inspiration from such shows as Family Guy, South Park and Archer. It’s an irreverent and intelligent satire with a tongue that pokes right through the cheek. Prepare to lose faith.

Created by Julian Vincent Costanzo
Developed by The Cameralla
Written by Carl J. Sorheim, Fabian Lapham & The Cameralla
Directed by The Cameralla
Produced by Julian Vincent Costanzo and The Cameralla
Animation by Viskatoons Australia

Shamous - Charlie Mycroft
Grim - Ash Zukerman
Michael - David Gannon
Winston - Nicholas Gunn
God - Troy Larkin
Voice - Dylan Watson

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