This video is a part of the project "Traces", a video-installation for the competition "The End" organized by Celeste Network, Miami-Dade Punlic Library and the curator Gean Moreno.
Our artistic project want to give an alternative point of view on the diffused idea of the end of the world and the death of humankind. If something like this will happen, we want to think that this event will be the end of a
cycle and a new Beginning, where the human being will look back and start again with a new knowledge.
"Traces" alludes to this idea by a 2 min. and 32 sec. video that shows an ordinary day of the life of an ordinary man who uses everyday objects to make routine actions. In the future, a simple button, a teaspoon, a toothbrush, could be discovered and cataloged as archaeological finds.
- Will these items no longer exist in the future?
- Will these objects document a catastrophic event that could be happened?
- Will the future man be like the man we know today?
- Will the human race be going to preserve the memory of their past?

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