Procon, major supplier to Eurovision 09, brought in 6 Pufferfish PufferSpheres, which made their first ever appearance in Russian airspace and their Eurovision debut. Pufferfish PufferSpheres are 2m diameter, air-inflated, internally projected spherical displays which served different functions throughout the three shows.

Tuesday night’s semi-final opened with the PufferSpheres lowered from the rafters as giant planets in a starry night sky, through which a giant glowing Thunderbird soared.

During the acts the spheres were raised to allow clear sightlines to the stage. From there they displayed visuals complementing each unique stage set whilst between acts their versatility was further utilised to carry digital signage, introducing each nation to the audience.

Whether as a miniature solar system, bubbling balls of graphics or fluttering spherical flags, the Pufferspheres add yet another element of wonder to proceedings, helping Procon Project Manager, Ola Melzig, make good on his promise to ‘blow people’s minds’!

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