Night dive at Clifton Gardens, NSW
Water temp: 17ºC
Maximum depth: 8.0m
Length: est. 98 mins
Creatures: Toadfish, pygmy leather jacket, frog fish, crab, eel, striped pyjama squid, bobtail squid, octopus, lots of nudibranch, lots of bubbleshell and various other fish. (Please feel free to jump in and correct/add via comments)

Clifton Gardens (Night) 2012.10.04 filming and editing © Althea Aseoche 2012
Music: "Öpik-Oort" by Daniel Pozo (
Filmed on GoPro
Thanks: Dive buddy - Damian

Notes: There's a major camera shake in the beginning on purpose... that fish came out of the dark and crashed into my GoPro and gave me a startle! I had fun chasing the octopus around. Stretched out it was about the size of a car tyre. Damian was very kind to light up a lot of my shots with his super duper lighting gear. Ordered a monopod--can't wait to not have my GoPro on my wrist! Will hopefully have more steady camera work in the future.

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