This is my six angle framing project for Mart 371. This project's objective is to focus on an object or person and have every new shot explore the subject, revealing something new about it. I used that objective to try to tell a story.

The premise is simple enough: a scream is heard, then the first shot is of a female running into frame. I want the audience to immediately identify her as the source of the scream but, with every new frame, find that their first assumption may be wrong.

It was my first time directing, using secondary lighting sources, filming at night, and filming with this specific model of camera but the trial by fire was a very valuable experience and I feel like I can get more creative with my shots and more confident in my requests to those acting now. It's unpolished but a first step in the right direction.

Can't wait to film more.

As a side mention, Grace Fennell is an incredible actress and she prefers to use method acting. She ran laps around the building so that her breathing would be unsteady. Unfortunate that the cicadas were the main focus of the sound in order to keep it continuous. If you need an actress, writer, or director in the Columbia area, Grace is wonderful. The end.

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