This piece developed out of a sequence I made for Kate Tempest's poem "The Parables". The original animation was made for "Random Acts" on Channel 4 in collaboration with "Bang Said The Gun".
I had heaps of unused material from this project and I wanted to create my own response to the sight of England eating itself during the riots in July 2011.
It was especially poignant for me to be viewing the riots on television whilst living in South Korea. This was the only UK story in the whole year that made it onto the nightly news in Seoul. The rather pathetic looting and the torching of local businesses were the most upsetting aspects of the whole sorry affair.
I used some quotes from the excellent Guardian/LSE research project called- "Reading the Riots", in which rioters, shopkeepers and police all had their say about what had happened and why.
In my search for something succinct to sum up what it might have been like to be involved in such a pointless display of consumer frenzy I came across a quote from a teenage girl caught looting a department store.
"It was literally a festival. Only with no food, no dancing and no music."
Sounds about right.

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