We All Count - We Will Not be Erased.

**Big ups to Alabama SONG Member Jazz Franklin for making this amazing video! **

On September 21 and 22 over 200 people from every state and numerous fronts of struggle in the South converged in Lowndes County AL to determine the next steps as a region in the We All Count Campaign.

The Southern Movement Assembly produced a shared, regional plan of action - The People's First 100 Days. Leading up to November 6, over 25 Action Sites throughout the region will continue to register voters, engage communities, and defend the right to vote. While false policy solutions are debated in DC, we will kick off our 100 Days with a call to action on November 7 - N7 - where we will take the streets and commit to real solutions for our communities - by the people and for the people.

-We slept on the same ground where Black Freedom Fighters had built and lived in a Tent City from 1965-1967 at the height of the voting rights struggle.

-We heard from SNCC elders and former residents of Tent City - to connect with memory, legacy and some of the roots of this struggle

-We gathered and made decisions across a region across multiple issues: Immigrant rights, Racial Justice, Womens Rights, LGBTQ Liberation, Anti Prison Work, Youth Organizing and more...

-We committed to the Peoples 1st 100 Days


For more info visit and to learn more about SONGS part in the Peoples First 100 Days email kindred@southernersonnewground.org or call the office at 404-549-8628


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