That is a tag worthy of the modern human, a voracious machine engineered by the so called industrial and agricultural revolutions, which should rank as the worst human blunders since the advent of money and, of course the curse of all, religion!

No other living organism laboriously lumbers everything that is natural and is absolutely free into a never-ending array of artefacts and then sell them, just to be dumped back on earth even before these stop being useful. Very soon, there will be no space left on earth that is not littered with the muck we dump, and similarly, no place on earth will be left unscarred by our irresponsible and short-termist plundering.

As the destruction of our planet continues unabated, and even accelerated, well into another century, it is becoming increasingly clearer that humans are actually mad, for no sane person destroys his or her own home. The madness however will end when you will be riding a 100-metre oceanic wave, if you manage to surf it that is. The day nature unleashes her fury is going to be much sooner than you think!

Why can’t we comprehend the simple truth that everything nature offers is free for all living organisms, and that all she wants from us is to share it responsibly like all other creatures blatantly do?

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‘The Libertine’ - End Credits
Composed & Orchestrated by: Michael Nyman
From the Album: ‘The Libertine’ OMPS
© Chester Music Ltd & Michael Nyman Ltd | 2005

Composed & Performed by: Coldcut
From the Album: ‘Zen CD: A Ninja Tune Retrospective’
[P] Ninja Tune | 2004

Composed & Performed by: Hexstatic
From the Album: ‘Zen CD: A Ninja Tune Retrospective’
[P] Ninja Tune | 2004

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