This short film started off as my continuity exercise film, as part of the 1st semester honours film programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.

This film was intended as a commentary on today's pop music, and as a tribute in some way to 'proper' music (and yes, like everyone, my definition of 'proper' music is of course the only correct one...).

In hindsight, knowing what I do now, there are many, many things I would've done differently, but it's a learning process, right? I think the piece works on the whole though, and audiences seem to have enjoyed it. It was great seeing it take shape, because it was a risk, being the first time I'd tried so many things - my DIY dolly, DSLR workflow, Premiere CS5, more advanced colour grading, multitracking, and 3D in After Effects to name a few.

Shot over one day in April 2012. 5 sets at 3 different locations. Despite some of my key muso friends (specifically drummers - you know how they are...) not being available, we ended up going ahead with it. It was a big logistical challenge, but fortunately that's something I revel in.

Also, it's hopefully the last time I have to print a Justin Bieber cover in a public place.

Big thanks to all involved.

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