From my new album Thin Ice.
About the difficult & hard life of Fast Eddy.
Recorded live with studio audience september 21 2012
More info about this new release @


The Sound Of The South J. Mees 2 feb, 2012

It' s almost ten below out in the streets
And Eddy got kicked out of his house
The sound of the south, born with a big mouth
There's something running through his vains
And soon that thing will kill his brains.

Don' t give fast Eddy a gun.
He's never forgot what you' ve done.
The pain and the anger in his eyes.
Won' t fool you and tell no lies.
Don't ya start on him, you better be wise.

Got busted when he rang his mother' s door
Hey mamma, am I not your son anymore.
They took my kids, must I always be strong ?
I was out runnin' for the cobs far too long
I just wanna lay down, won't do no wrong

Well Eddy' s got a heart of child, made of gold
He's a broken hearted soul of a broken home.
Stealin' from the rich and give it to the poor.
He knows all the tricks to slip into your backdoor.
But soon he can't make it anymore

It takes some more time for spring to come
And Eddy' s wonderin' where to go
Find a place to hide from the cold
He' s 36 but he looks tired and old
Thinks he's the sound of the South
Strongest man with the biggest mouth

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