Andrew's Showreel 2012
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The showreel consists of the best 3D works I have produced while studying at university and developing my skills in my spare time. I’ve annotated each scene to help explain what what’s happening and how I managed to achieve the result. I hope you enjoy viewing my 2012 Showreel.

1. The space spaceship docking was a major university assignment were I wanted to explore more about composing 3D elements together to complete an environment. I ended up creating all aspects in the scene and am very satisfied with the final result. Maya was used for the 3D creation aspect, Mudbox was used to add details to the textures, After Effects was used to composite the scene together.

2. The Robot Character bust was developed in 3 weeks. I was required to create a character concept for a fictional game franchise. I decided to model the character in Maya and then I used Photoshop to paint over details and speed up the production process.

3. The Old Room was a personal project I did to learn more about texturing. In the process of doing this project I learned how to use Mudbox to texture and add details. I also used Photoshop, Maya and illustrator to create the scene.

4. The Little Tree Character I developed to learn more about digital sculpting as well as character modelling. I learned a lot about the sculpting workflow and how I could use multiple applications to speed up the production process. I used Maya to create the base mesh, Zbrush for sculpting, Mudbox for texturing and Mental Ray for rendering.

5. The Jaguar SS100 was developed as being part of a poster. I really enjoyed working on the hard surface modelling of the car as well as the lighting. I used Maya for modelling, lighting and rendering, Mudbox for texturing and sculpting, and Photoshop for post-production and Magic Bullet Effects for Colour grading.

6. The Spark Gum advertisement was a small project I did to learn about dynamics. I focused on creating an advertisement which was simple in communicating a message. I mostly used Maya, Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator to complete the project.

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