All matchmoving done with Blender 2.6.
Shot Breakdown:

Sci-fi Screen - Using Blender, I tracked the markers, then estimated the original camera focal length and distortion to get a good solve and rendered the undistorted footage. Then I placed a 3D screen with an emitting edge material in the space and rendered it out separately. Finally I made a rough mask around the talent, keyed out the greenscreen, rotoscoped the remaining markers to remove them, and composited everything together in Adobe After Effects.

Duel of the Dorks (Pillar Destruction Shot) - For purely my own education and entertainment, I tracked the raw footage, estimated original camera focal length and distortion, got a good solve, and placed a replacement pillar with a grid material in the proper place using Blender. Then I rendered the undistorted footage and pillar separately and composited them together in After Effects.

Canyon Flyover - In Blender, I tracked the rock formations and natural features from the foreground to extreme background to get a solid camera solve, rendered the undistorted footage, and exported the camera data to After Effects where I used Trapcode Particular to create a cloud particle system for the camera to fly through. Then I re-distorted the footage and particle system to match the original's distortion perfectly and rendered it to get the final result.

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