Ben Casnocha ( ) in conversation with Colin Marshall ( ).

0:39 - Theories about writing; how to practice; developing your "voice".

5:28 - Taking the best from the best writers. First imitate; then come up with your own voice.

10:00 - Your first draft is crap. Embrace suckage.

10:57 - We need a museum of first drafts.

12:30 - Philosophies of self-improvement; tips and tricks versus larger ideas.

18:13 - Nothing is so important as going out into the world and doing the action.

21:00 - Information diet

25:00 - Bits and learning. Would you rather go a week with no books or a week with no blogs?

29:00 - Internet friends vs. "real life" friends. Proximate friends vs. far-away friends.

34:00 - Should your friends and gf read your blog?

36:00 - Interviewer's instinct - asking people questions

41:18 - The question "why" and overanalysis

46:00 - Something you've changed your mind about

49:00 - Your political ideology doesn't say very much about what you actually do in the world

50:25 - What would your eternal bio -- a bio that was as relevant in 25 years as today -- say? What's permanent about you?

55:37 - Long/short: formal schooling, Netflix, the state of California, democracy in china, the print book, libertarianism, Twitter.

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