All the Wrong Faces is a dark romantic comedy about looking for love. It’s the story of a man who goes looking for the perfect woman and ends up in the perfect hell. This anti-lovestory follows one misfit and his descent into the sobering reality of the “perfect” woman.

Production Notes:

It took 23 days within 5 weeks, from the tip of Manhattan to the bowels of Brooklyn, to shoot this microbudget digital feature. Production was a race against time and circumstance, stealing shots in Times Square, scaling fire escapes to reach rooftops before the sunset and then there was that bucket of water fiasco!

An Uptown nightclub gave the crew permission to shoot, but gave no guarantees on turning down the music. Enter the crew of the reality TV hit “The 5th Wheel” They covered the bill for their own shoot, allowing the hilltop crew to take over a quiet corner of the harbor nightclub. Ironically while the show’s contestants were choosing their dates, Chuck was getting shot down left and right.

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