Michael is a lecturer at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University Belfast. In 2005-2006 Michael was a research scientist at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), a member of Singapore's A*STAR family of leading R&D institutions. In I2R's Sound & Interactivity lab, he focused on bringing interactive media experiences to everyday users, researching audio synthesis technology, collaborative and distributed interactions over networks, and music applications for mobile phones. Michael has
been teaching physical interaction design courses and workshops at CCRMA since 2002. A member of [sic], the Stanford Improvisation Collective, Michael remains active
as a saxophone player and composer of interactive, chamber and tape music, and creator of interactive art installations.

This workshop explored the creation of stylistic interactions through observation, design and prototyping. The workshop took place over two sessions, the first session starting with a short talk introducing the workshop participants to the concept of stylistic interactions and the practice of interaction design. Participants were then presented with their first task, which involved observing and documenting interactions around Limerick. The second session started with a short primer on rapid prototyping and physical sketching methods. The aim was then to redesign one of the interaction situations that the participants discovered in the first session, with the aim of creating an interface that allows for greater expression of style.

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