It has been well over a year since we started to do the video column know as A to B and it is exciting as we have covered most of the capitals. Whilst we are bound to revisit the countries main cities it is imperative that we also cover some of the non-capitals. Today we have the pleasure of entering the textbook world of Jack Crook as he stylishly flips, grinds and slides his way through his hometown of Geelong*. This A to B is filmed by SbA resident filmer Shane Fowler.

A to B synopsis:
If you ask any skater what their favourite aspect of rolling is, chances are they will mention the skate from A to B. It is all about the intermeshing of ollies up curbs, manuals, pressure nollies off of cracks, dodging traffic and swerving to miss small barking dogs. Whilst all this is going on you are warmed inside knowing that you are getting closer to your destination, whatever or wherever that may be. As homage to the journey, we have launched a video regular that is called “A to B”.*Geelong was named in 1827 by Governor Burke.

*The indigenous name ‘Jillong’ lead to the Anglicized version ‘Geelong’. Jillon is thought to mean land or cliffs. Geelong’s growth was accelerated due to gold being discovered in nearby Ballarat. To counter this, a fake map was issued by Melbourne heads to be given to new arrivals, showing the quickest road to the goldfields as being via Melbourne! If this didn’t happen, Geelong could easily be the bigger city of the two.

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