Shot with the Olympus OM-D and Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 wide open. No colour correction, just added GorillaGrain in post. So basically ungraded footage from the camera.

Thanks to the newly released firmware v1.5 for the OM-D, the 5-axis IBIS image stabilizer is now activated during video capture with manual lenses as well, which is great news. The codec however, is still the same awfully compressed with 30p as the only framerate option, but who knows what's up next from Oly.

In order to overcome the challenges in codec quality I have experimented with different Picture Mode settings and using higher ISO to trigger the VBR codec a bit into slightly higher bitrates. Picture Mode 'Muted' -2 -2 0 and tonality Normal It seems to work pretty well, especially in low-light conditions such as this short which was shot in a shaded room at noon. Used ISO 800-1600 and f/0.95.

All footage is 1080p30 conformed to 25p in FCPX for a nice 83% slow down. Please download and check the H.264 QuickTime for less compression.

I will provide a full tutorial on setting up the OM-D for video footage later.

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