A few shots from my latest tank. This has only be going for around six weeks, so not huge amounts to show but I currently have:

Blue hermit crabs
Mithrax crab
Blood/Fire shrimp
Nerite snails
Turbo Snails
Sand sifting starfish
Feather duster worm

3 varieties of pulsing xenia
3 varieties of zoanthids
2 headed ultr duncan
golden grape
Ultra green mushroom

The tank is an ADA 60-P, which has an overflow running to a 30L sump, housing a rowphos reactor, a TMC protien skimmer, heaters and a deep sand bed. The bulk of the filtration comes from the sand and live rock.

I dose Red Sea ABC powders, with balancing done by liquid top ups when needed. I add copepods, rotifers, plus zoo and phytoplankton and test the water with red sea test kits.

The video was shot on a canon 550D with a 70-200 L series lens and was partly shot to document the development of my tank and partly as R&D for a new set of tutorials I'll be creating for the 3D community.

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