Inspired by Berlin's queer-trash nights, the Rabbit Hole party takes us to underground Wonderland where Alice hides vicious Pitt Bull under glittery sheets. In this trip, the musical delirium is powered by the collective DBJR (Dizzy Blonde's Joy Ride), which counts with the special presence of the jury member Travis Jeppesen, the festival brings us a night of cosmic deviance in the pagan ZDB dungeons.

Directed by - Pedro Marum
Director of Photograhy - Inês Sanches
Film Editing - Inês Sanches
Art Direction - Pedro Marum
Photography - Emilie Gouband
Stars - Joana Sousa, Jules Barbier, Mafalda Jacinto, Mariana Marques, Pedro Marum

Thanks to Jeremy Pascal, Paula Pereira, Sónia Silva, Syma Tariq, Queer Lisboa 16 team and everyone else that supported us.

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