Video documentation editing of the première of "II AiKia II" by StratoFyzika
at Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin
18th August 2012


"II AIKIA II" is a 30´´ hybrid live performance and artwork.

"II AiKiA II" is an interactive projection-mapping project that adds a digital dimension to the real world/space of dancing body movements, combining light projection, choreography, sound and camera tracking.

"II aiKia II" was conceptually inspired by the process of individuation, described by Carl Gustav Jung and analytical psychology. It defines a transformation - a second puberty of adult where a splitting of personality appears. We meet our shadow; it creeps behind us, causes trouble, yet needs to be accepted. The next split is with us throughout life; we live in dualities. We confront with our inner anima and animus and occasionally enter a stage of excitation which brings forth a new archetype; the old wizard or mother earth, both with utter power. The goal is to find our true self in self-actualization; we face the history of ourselves in a continuous link to our unconscious past which repeats creating our future.

Our creative process parallels our performative exploration of Jungian individuation; with intention to bring a relevant challenge. Once the inspiration was set, we developed each our work independently; catalyzed by the shared vision, but as brilliant individuals. We came together to form temporary duets or trios of creativity; playing games of creation. Unison completed this first cycle as our performance neared; the birth of the prime "II aiKia II".


StratoFyzika is a Berlin based group of artists with a wide range of specialization. they research audio, visuals, interactive technologies and dance in an interdisciplinary way to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience where numbers, frequencies and bodies merge into a final equation on stage. together they form an unique constellation going across genres and borders, stretching out to find a connection between their fields.


Robert Van Den Dolder and Henlovelybird - body movements
Akkamiau - audio content ( )
Aikia - motion graphics and visual content ( )
Dale Phurrough - interaction and software ( )
Claudia Vitali - costumes

Project page:
Photo Gallery:


Thanx for sharing the video report material to Tikul & Jandrek, Chiara and Eva

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