Based on an extraordinary true story, Beneath Hill 60 is an Australian War feature film set underneath the trenches of World War I. Set in 1916, Queensland miner Oliver Woodward (Brendan Cowell), under-­trained and having never faced hostile fire before, finds himself on the Western Front, the bloodiest battlefield in history
Cutting Edge Sydney completed 120 visual effects shots ranging from matte paintings, set extensions, sky replacements, smoke and rain enhancements to fully digital explosions. Created in 3D with Houdini software, the film features one of the largest CGI explosion scenes ever to grace Australian screens.

Cutting Edge partnered with The Silence Films and became deeply involved in planning for post and VFX on the film early in pre-­production. Cutting Edge’s VFX Supervisor Ron Roberts collaborated with the Director, Producer, DOP and Production Designer early into pre-­production to determine which shots could be enhanced, or achieved fully in CGI. Some of these decisions resulted in tangible financial and time gains in production.

Ron journeyed to the film’s on-­set location in Queensland’s Townsville to ensure that everything needed for VFX post was consistently captured on film. “To bring Cutting Edge in with us from the start meant that our path from pre-­production into post was seamless. The experience and can-­do attitude of everyone on their team enabled us to concentrate on story and performance.” said Bill Leimbech, Producer.

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