Feather system prototype (currently being developed tor an upcoming job.)
Some ideas gathered from Jonah Friedman's "Ruffle" system. (vimeo.com/27391000)

it still lacks many guide feather controls (falloff effect for example), but overall it's been put to good use.

- automated creation steps through scripting
- easy tweaking via tangents (main flow) + guide feathers.
- interpolation of rotation, size, scale and bend between guides.
- even distribution (particle relaxation)
- density compensation for small feather areas
- support for envelope deformations (styling/animate modes) via auto caching.
- feather simulation (forces: spring, drag, grooming, wind, turbulence)
- feather-emitter collision detection
- post animation/sim controls. (frizz, color, size...)
- quantization of interpolated values (memory saving for the render stage)

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