Coming this spring 2013 the Keyblade Master is Disneylover58 and my parody of the Lion King
Sora(Kingdom Hearts) as Simba
Kari(Kingdom Hearts) as Nala
Merlin ( the Sword in the Stone) as Mufasa
Sarah Hawkins ( Treasure Planet) as Sarabi
the Horned King( the Black Cauldron) as Scar
Blu( Rio) as Zazu
Bruce, Anchor and Chum ( Finding Nemo) as the Hyenas
Sebastian(the Little Mermaid) as Timon
Louis ( the Princess and the Frog) as Pumbaa
Scuttle(the Little Mermaid) as Rafiki
Other Casts
Elephants- Dragons ( Disney, Dreamworks , Warner Brothers)
Monkeys- Mice ( Rescuers, Great Mouse Detective, Cinderella )
Wildebeests- Centaurs (Fantasia)
Giraffes- Farm Animals ( Home on the Range)
Zebras- Dogs ( Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatains, Oliver and Company)
Hyenas - sharks

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